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Confused Travels is the debut album of Kira Bursky, whose alter ego is Miss Whimsy. Conceived by Miss Whimsy, the mesmerizing music and stunning lyrics take the listener on a rich, cinematic, audio journey. With her broad range of vocal stylings, each track grabs the listener through Miss Whimsy's descriptive word paintings and her sophisticated musical interpretations. Miss Whimsy's talents are additionally showcased through her work on guitars, accordion, ukelele, and various other instruments.

Drawing from a number of influences, one can hear elements from a number of diverse inspirations including Parisian cafe, zydeco, cajun, and aboriginal. From the hypnotic and driving Confused Travels to the ethereal and haunting Beautiful Creature to the captivating and elegant West Wind, Confused Travels will take you on an unforgettable journey.


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(She is the alter-ego of...)

Kira Bursky (aka Miss Whimsy) began writing music three years ago and during that time she has taught herself to play the guitar, the accordion, the ukelele and, now, the dulcimer. In January 2014, her song "Daffodils" was named a finalist for the Eco Arts Awards competition.

A student at Interlochen Academy of the Arts in Interlochen, Michigan, Kira is a motion picture arts student completing her senior year. Her films, many she has musically scored, have been selected and screened at a number of competitions including the Nashville Film Festival, the First White House Student Film Festival, the San Luis Obispo Film Festival, the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival, the Utopia Film Festival, the Ruby Mountain Film Festival, the interPLAY Film Festival, the Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival, Sharpcuts, the Guam International Film Fest, the Frankfort Film Festival, and the Once a Week Online Film Festival.

In November 2013, her film "Girly" won first place at the Mosaic Film Festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A frequent entrant in the Asheville, North Carolina 48 Hour Film Festival for the past four years, Kira's films have taken a number of awards including Best Directing, Best Sound Design, Best Makeup, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography.

Kira was recently selected as a finalist for the prestigious Young Arts Foundation and participated in a full week of master classes and performances in Miami, Florida this past January 2014. Ten thousand students from across the United States applied. Kira was one of seven selected for film arts.

Her first CD, Confused Travels, was released in December 2013.


The musicians, the artists, and all other characters who were along for the ride.

Confused Travels was created with the help of the following talented musicians and artists:

Instruments Musician/Tracks
Vocals, Guitars, Accordion, Keyboard,
Various Other Instruments:
Kira Bursky
All Tracks (Keyboard - Track 8)
Back-up Vocals: Abbey Sacks
2, 3, 6
Blake Lieder
Cello: Katie Larson
2, 5, 6, 10, 11
Violin: Zoe Rohrich
2, 3, 6, 10
Nez Covington
Marimba Drums: Casey Voss
Project Art Artist
Cover Artwork: Keara Dooley
Graphic Design and Other Artwork: Kira Bursky
Photography: Sage Alicia
Original Website Art: Kira Bursky
Abbey Sacks
Website Design and Development: Jay Bursky

All lyrics and music were written and composed by Kira Bursky aka Miss Whimsy.

Confused Travels, Miss Whimsy's first album of original music and lyrics, was written and recorded in Interlochen, Michigan at Interlochen Academy of the Arts from September - November, 2013.

Kira offers a special thanks to her parents, family, and friends for their continued support, enthusiasm, and encouragement.


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